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Schuhmann Strand Hotel Barlotti - Hote 4 stelle in Paestum

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Paestum Bandiera Blu 2017


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Hotel Schuhmann


At what time is the check in and check out?

Check in from 14 pm/Check out from 7 am to 11am
Before check in and after check out, you can leave the luggage in our free baggage-room.
Moreover, we ask you to contact us if you know that you will arrive or leave in different moments from above.

Are the animals allowed?

No, the animals are not allowed.

Do you accept the credit cards?

Yes, we accept most of credit cards like AMEX, VISA, DINNERS, MASTERCARD and CARTASI'.

Can I leave during the night? Is there somebody at the reception?

If you want to leave early, we ask you to tell us one day before the leaving, to prepare everything and to pay the bill before the 11 pm.
The night’s custodian, who will be there for check out, doesn’t have cashier functions.

Can the persons with handicap move easily in your hotel?

There are not many architectonic barriers in the common places, but we must precise that the rooms are not accessorized of private services for handicapped persons.

Which are the conditions for cancellation?

Cancellations are accepted without penalty, in low season until 3 days before arriving; in mid season 5 days before; in high season 7 days before arriving.
Before proceeding to the payment of the cancellation’s taxes, we prefer take other news of the customer and evaluate every case.

Is the beach reachable also for extern guests?

The beach is reserved only for the customers of the hotel, whenas every room has a beach umbrella number on the beach.

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